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The Teachers Service Commission, Kenya pay slip service or TPay TSC payslip online login portal ( is designated to view, check and download electronic payslips, update profiles, and other payment documents.

Kenya-authorized teachers registered with TSC online payslip service to check their payroll records. If you are going to access this system first time then you need a username and password that you have received from your administrator.

TSC has laid down specific instructions which will be applicable to each and every user at the TSC payslip online 2022 portal. Always use the private system to access your pay documents. If you use the public system don’t forget to log out.

About Teachers Services Commission Kenya

Teachers Service Commission or TSC for short was established as an independent government Commission. It is a constitutional agency meaning it was established under the Constitution of Kenya.

The Commission has numerous offices across the country, it’s headquarter is located in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The primary responsibility of TSC is the management of human resources of the education sector.

TSC is accountable for registration and training teachers, teachers recruitment, promotion and transfers of teachers, etc. It has also introduced TSC payslip online or T-pay an online payroll system for registered teachers who can check their payslip information and updates through it.

TPay TSC Payslip Login Requirments

The TPay TSC online portal uses to access payslips and other payment documents electronically. The Teachers Service Commission system is also mobile-friendly portal, So if you wish to access your current or historic payslips on your smart phone then look on its requirements:

  • TSC Portal associated Username and password.
  • Your mobile data must be “On” during login or system must be connected with secure internet connection.
  • Use the official TSC portal for login.

TPay TSC Online Payslip Login

Are you searching for TPay TSC Online Payslip sign in guide? First of I would like to inform that is one and only official website that allow you to access your teachers payslips online.

If you are going to login first time then the given process definitely help you more:

STEP 1. Visit the T-Pay Portal at

TPay TSC Payslip Online Login

STEP 2. Now the login page will open on your system monitor. Here enter his/her TSC ID Number (Username) and Password.

STEP 3. Enter the Security Stamp.

STEP 4. Click on the Login button.

STEP 5. If your submitted credentials will match to TPay TSC data base record then your profile dashboard will open. Invalid credentials create error.

Direct TSC Payslip Login Page Click Here
Official Website

Reset TSC Online Payslip Account Sign-in Password

If you want to reset T-pay online login password within few minutes then make sure that you have your TSC ID number. As per the process to reset the password is concerned the following steps will be of your assistance.

  • First, the user needs to go to the T-pay Portal at
tsc online payslip
tsc portal
tsc portal
  • Soon a new page shall open. On this page, you have to enter your TSC ID Number (*Username).
  • Click Reset Password blue button.
  • Finally, you will be provided with the remaining instructions via email to reset your password.


Teachers Service Commission system users if you have any issues such as TSC payslip login problems can contact the helpdesk for their assistance.

  • TSC Payslip Helpdesk Contact Number: 020 289 2000 OR .0722-208-552. OR 0777-208-552
  • T-pay Online Payslip Email Address: [email protected]

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TSC Portal Benefits

  • The TSC portal is maintained by the Teachers Service Commission, Govt. of Kenya. So, it is a secure online payroll platform, that offers security and protection of user information.
  • The TPay TSC payslip service portal provide an electronic payslips and other pay documents.
  • Only registered and authorized users are able to access Teachers Service Commission Kenya portal.
  • After the successful login at TSC payroll service portal you enable to view and download your published payslip.


How can I recover my TPay TSC payslip account ID Number?

Have you forgotten your TSC ID number and don’t know how to recover it, you will need to contact to helpdesk. Because there no online service is available to recover your password.

How to use TSC mobile app to check the payslips?

To user the TSC mobile app on your personal phone, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Search TSC or Teachers Services Commission, When you find the app click on Install, Enter your TSC ID Number and Password, Hit the login option, You will then be able to check your TSC payslip using mobile app.


Teachers Services Commission, Kenya or TSC portal is used by the Kenya authorized teachers to access their payslips and other pay documents, TSC profile update, reset the forgotten password and all. Hope this article will helpful to you.

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