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What is the SR payslip? SR payslips or say Single-Resource income is a report of employees’ salary. It shows how the salary of the worker has been calculated. The wages slip provide an exact description of allowances, deductions, and entitlements. is an official SR payroll portal from where you are able to find out your payslip.

Every SR employee actively uses the online payslips solution to perceive their salary calculation, which is possible to understand by receiving a salary receipt. I would like to say that payslip is available on through the payroll auxiliary website.

Desperate employees check your current and historic SR payslips pdf from the SR payroll assistance site. Employees who work in SR Agencies but don’t know about the online payslip service need to understand it, that’s why I am sharing this article to introduce you to this  SR payroll application.

How do I view/ print my SR payment receipt online? The workers who work in SR corporation obviously receive the salary in his/ her bank account. Just like that employee’s payslip is also shared online at the SR payroll portal. But, how you can check or save them online is described below.

SR recruiting team provides the best endorsement, allowances, safety, and salary to their working staff. The SR Payslip portal is a very helpful and supportive application to check your payslips 24*7 hours. If you want to access your payment details electronically then I would like to say that it’s a convenient process.

SR Payslips Online at

Single Source recruitment company becomes one of the largest UK Agencies that is possible with the teamwork and efforts of workers. Employees are the key factor of every company that helps very much in the growth of the agency.

Single Resource employees’ payslips and personal details are shared online with overall technical security. The SR app produces the data without any error in fast mode. If you take care of your login credentials then your online data is completely safe secure by the SR technical team.

A few things are very important to know by all the SR application users:

  • Change your SR payslip login password from time to time.
  • If you use the shared system then don’t forget to LOG OFF before leaving your operating system.
  • Don’t share your login details with anyone.

How To Check SR Payslips Online?

When you log in the first time then you will be asked to change your password for security reasons. After changing the password you will be land on your home page where you able to view your all new to historic payslips if you needed.

Step 1. Go through SR payslips portal).

Step 2. Once you visit this above link then the login page will open.

Step 3. Now enter your username and password.

SR Payslips
SR Payslips

Step 4. Here, click on the blue color log-in button.

Step 5. If entered login details identify successfully, then you will be taken to your home page.

Step 6. Here you will see a pdf list of your new and old payslips.

Step 7. Click on the view button and use the pre/ next button to see your historic payslips pdf.

Single Resource Payslips Via

The UK-based existing employees of Single Resource check your e-payslip from the SR payslip portal. Employees are eligible to view payslip reports only by validating their login credentials. To SR login, follow the described below process for your payslip reason.

  1. First, visit the website.
  2. At, the homepage of this portal click on the I’m a candidate option.
  3. On the candidate, page click on the payslip portal option available at the top header.
  4. At the minute, you will redirect to the login web page.
  5. Now enter your username and password and click on Login Button.
  6. Now from your profile check your payslip easily.

Single Resource Payslip Login Password Reset

SR employees if you are forgotten your sr payroll portal login password then don’t worry! You will be prompted to reset or recover your password to something memorable. follow the below-given step-by-step process to make a new password without going on any office, or account cell.

  • First of all, visit
  • On this page, you will see “Reset my password” on the upper side of the login button.
  • Click on “Reset My Password”.
  • Now on the reset, your forgotten password page enter your username/ Clock Number.
  • Click on the Reset Password button.
  • Check the email account or mobile number that you used to register for an e-mail with an activation link to your temporary password.

NOTE: If for any reason you are having problems please ring the Payslip Portal Helpline on 01922 705644



How do I access the Single Resource payslip portal?

Once you login into your account, go to the ‘Home page, your payslips are listed in a table. In this table, you will get your newest payslips first. To view the payslip click on the view button. Hereafter your payslip should automatically open up and offer you the option to open your PDF document or save it.

Can I print my sr-payslips?

Yes, all the working staff of a single resource can print their sr payslip. Open the pdf file in Adobe Reader and click on the print command and print your payslips.

About Single Resource Portal

SR stands for Single Resouce. SR is one of the largest recruiting agencies in the United Kingdom. Supply the temporary laborers on a contract and regular payroll basis. Weekly 20000 workers are supplied by the SR across the UK.

Single Resource is a part of the Staffing Group that is comprised of three subsidiary businesses that are Single Resource, Extra Personnel, and Extra Personnel Automotive limited. SR is responsible to provide temporary recruitment solutions within the E-Com, Warehouse, manufacturing, food, and distribution industries.

Single resource facilitates its employee by an online portal that helps all its employee to check their monthly or weekly payslip. By login into the Single resource payslip portal, you can access your historic or current payslips. If you have not registered yet for the online payslip facility then register on the portal and take advantage of the online facility of the single resource portal.

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