My ESR NHS Payslip Online Login

NHS payslip will be available for each month via ESR employee self-service online portal. Previous and new My ESR NHS payslips and P60 are available at the ESS UK portal. The ESR is an Oracle-based human resources and payroll database system also known as Electronic staff record. This payroll database system is used by the NHS in the United Kingdom to manage the payroll for the NHS staff members.

This ESR application is managed by IBM. NHS is the 5th largest employer in the world and ESR was completed in 2008. ESR is the latest and largest implementation in the world. ESR replaced 29 payroll systems and 38 human resource systems.

You can access the ESR software on Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Microsoft office 2010, Flashplayer & JRE. In this guide article on ESR NHS, we are going to tell you about how to view your NHS payslip online from my ESR NHS website.

The ESS or employee self-service allows you to easily get your payslips and P60s, reward statements, absence calendar, registration information, and any other announcements relating to ESR. Also, you will get your address, telephone number, bank details, and personal details from the ESR.

My ESR NHS Payslip Online Login

ESR is known as Electronic staff record and this is a part of the workforce services within NHS. NHS ESR team led this ESR software to provide the workforce management solution for the NHS. The main use of ESR is to provide efficiency and productivity improvement across the NHS.

ESR brings recruitment, HR, and payroll solution for all the working staff. With the help of the ESR, all the working staff of NHS can check their NHS payslip easily online from anywhere. You just need your username and password to complete the login and get your NHS details online.

How To Check NHS Payslip Online?

NHS Employees can access ESR NHS payslips from the My ESR NHS website. If you are currently working with the NHS then you need to login into your account to view your account details. Once you leave your employment with the NHS trust then you can not get the ESR portal access.

You can get your online payslip in 3 ways. The first is using the ESR app on the internet. The second method is using the MY ESR NHS official website and the last one is by using the My ESR app.

Here is the complete guide about the payslip. Pay attention to the given guides to view your payslip from the official web portal of the MY ESR.

Step 1. Visit the official web portal of the My ESR i.e.

Step 2. On the homepage of the ESR, the NHS portal clicks on the Login To ESR. This is mentioned on the upper right side of the web address.

Step 3. Now on the login page mention your identification details and submit them by clicking on the “log in to ESR”.

ESR NHS Payslip
ESR NHS Payslip

Step 3. After this, you will be redirected to your profile.

Step 4. Here you will get two options View My Payslips and View My P60s.

Step 5. Click on the View my payslips and check any particular month’s payslip online.

ESR NHS PayslipView Here
ESR NHS Website

ESR NHS Login Password Reset Steps

The NHS ESR portal is valid for only the staff of the NHS and if you do not have the credentials then don’t use this login portal. You need an email address and date of birth to reset your login password or username. These credentials are necessary to unlock your account.

Sometimes we forgot our login credentials and these things happen with everyone. If you forgot your username and NHS login password then don’t worry. By following the below-given steps you can easily get a new password or get your username.

Step 1. Visit the My ESR NHS web page i.e.

Step 2. Right now, go to the forgotten | Request Username/Password | Unlock Account option available on the login page.

Step 3. Here you will ask for enrolled electronic mail and DOB.

Step 4. To finish the task click on the blue color Submit Button.

Step 5. Since this online action, your login details will be emailed to you.

NHS ESR Mobile App

ESR NHS has its mobile apps and through this mobile app, all the employees of the NHS can check their monthly payslip on their mobile device. The mobile app of the NHS is available for android and iOs mobile.

To get this web application you need to visit the google play store on android mobile and the apple store on the iPhone. Get the mobile app and install it on your mobile.

Once the installation is complete then open this app and enter your login credentials to view your payslip details. Same login credentials you need to enter in the ESR NHS Mobile app. Then after installing the mobile app you can check your account details any time anywhere and you do not need to visit the official portal of NHS again and again.



How to Access Employee Self Service (ESS)?
To access the ESS account you need a mail account. If you do not have an email account then contact the IT department to request an email account. You can access the ESS via the trust computer and via username and password. ESS can also be accessed via the My ESR app.

How to Update Your Address?
To update your address you need to login into ESR using the ESR app or My ESR website link or mobile app. Once you login into your account then clicks on the update my personal information option. Edit the details and click on the update my personal information.

About NHS

NHS stands for the National health service NHS is a healthcare system in the United Kingdom. NHS was established in 1948 and Aneurin Bevan was the founder of the NHS. NHS has 1.6 Million employees around the world. NHS website is the United Kingdom’s biggest health website and has more than 50 million visits every month.

This online web portal provided detailed information to all its users and from the official website of NHS, you will get thousands of articles, videos, and tools to improve people’s experience, help people to update about Health, care and wellbeing.

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