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Visit the MSPS online services portal to view your GHRIS payslip online by logging in as a government of Kenya employee and as a newly appointed employee to get your payslips, pension contribution details, KRA P9 Forms, etc.

GHRIS Payslip portal is the official Government Human Resources Information System of Kenya. This payroll portal is designed for the management of the entire Human Resources (HR) or employees working for the Republic of Kenya.

Visit GHR!S online payslip portal in order to gain access to their personal payment information and others. When you visit here you will see two sections, click here to log in as the government of Kenya employee and the new employee.


Government Human Resources Information System (GHRIS) is one of the government agencies under the supervision of the Government of Kenya. The head office of this government agency is located at Harambee House, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.

The core function of this agency is to overlook or maintain a proper record of the entire Human Resources of the Government of Kenya. In simple terms, it is the agency that is conferred with the responsibility to manage the personal and employment details of every single government employee of the Government of Kenya.

GHRIS Payslip Online Login Requirments

Employees after they register with the GHRIS MSPS system will be issued GHRIS payslip 2022 credentials. And these credentials are extremely important because it is the login details that must be provided for employee login. Such details are:

  • User ID.
  • Password.

GHRIS Employee Payslip Login

The GHRIS employee payslip 2022 is available at The MSPS GHRIS pay slip login procedure is based upon specific guidelines that have been introduced for registered employees.

Look at given step-by-step sign in guide to access your payslip without getting anyone help:

  • STEP 1. Visit
  • STEP 2. The homepage of the MSPS online services portal will show you two login options.
GHRIS Payslip Online Login
GHRIS Payslip Online Login
  • STEP 3. Choose one from Government Of Kenya Employees and NEW EMPLOYEES according to your profile and click on particular.
GHRIS MSPS online Services
Government Of Kenya Employees Login Page
GHRIS Online Payslip
New Employees Login Page
  • STEP 4. Now enter your User ID and Password.
  • STEP 5. Click on Login.
  • STEP 6. If your credentials are correct, then your profile dashboard will open.
Government of Kenya Employees login pageClick Here
Newly Appointed Employee Login Page Click Here

Reset – GHRIS Payslip 2022 Online password

As per the official instructions to reset the GHRIS salary slip sign-in password the concerned employees have to take steps that are necessary.

To reset their password, employees will also need a Personal Number, National ID Card Number, Date of First Appointment, Terms of Service, Mobile Number, and Email address.

  1. Go to the GHRIS pay slip login page.
  2. On the sign-in page, click on Forgot your password? when you click on it the reset password page will open.
  3. Fill up the form with the appropriate details.
  4. After providing the details you can click on the Reset Password button.
  5. Further instructions will show on your system screen. Keep them following.

Government of Kenya Employees GHRIS Online Registration

Government of Kenya employees are you intrusted to access your payslip online from GHRIS MSPS online services portal then, follow the given official registration process:

  • Visit
GHRIS Online Payslip
GHRIS Online Payslip
ghris payslip 2022 Registration
ghris payslip 2022 Registration
  • Here you can start filling the form with appropriate information.
  • At last, click on Submit option.
  • You will receive a confirmation email at your email address.
  • Follow the instructions to activate your account.


If you have any concerns related to your GHRIS employee payslip, then you can avail yourself of the assistance of the GHRIS support center. To acquire their assistance, you need to contact the support center, and that is the reason why you will need the contact information given below.

  • GHRIS Payslip Telephone Number: 020 2227411
  • GHRIS Payroll Support Email: [email protected]

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How do I find My GHRIS Personal Number?

Contact your respective HR Department or call the GHRIS MSPS support desk to inquire about your GHRIS personal number.

What we required when I register at the GHRIS payslip portal as a Government of Kenya employee?

Government of Kenya employee if you want to create your GHRIS Pay slip login ID and password then you need to register first. To register yourself you need:

->Personal Number.
-> National ID Card Number.
-> Date of First Appointment.
-> Terms Of Service.
-> Gender.
-> Mobile Number.
-> Email Address.

I’m a newly appointed employee how can I log in to the GHRIS payroll portal?

If you are a newly appointed employee and going to log in then visit, Now look your eyes on First time registration? Click Here, type your national card/ passport number, KRA PIN, first name, surname, and temporary password, Click on confirm your details, After confirmation creates your password, confirm that, and click on Back to Login Page.


This article is a whole package of information and instructions related to GHRIS MSPS online services. It will be able to help any individual with their GHRIS online payslip login, MSPS payslip password reset, GHRIS new employee payslip register, etc.

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