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CAGD payslip system or say E-Pay slip 2022 login page ( is maintained by the CAGD (Controller & Accountant General’s Department), Government of Ghana. Its primary priority is to provide CADG online e-payslip that is available to each and every government employee.

CAGD enables employees to access their CAGD payslip dates for 2022, payment schedule, and salary validation, etc. Ghana’s government-introduced payroll system, the CAGD payslip platform does have certain provisions in place.

The CAGD E-Payslip system is safe and secure to access by authorized employees only. This intelligent system is developed for Ghana employees. If you are an authorized staff and want to access it then the login guide is available here.

About CAGD Ghana

The Central & Accountant General’s Department (CAGD), is a government agency under the Government of Ghana. It is the core agency that provides Public Financial Management Services to the Government of Ghana and its citizens in general.

This agency was established in 1885 and was addressed as the treasury until 1937. CAGD currently has 16 regional offices across the country. Other than Financial Management Services, it is also responsible for Audit and Investigation, Payroll Management, Finance, and Administration I.C.T Management.

CAGD e-Payslip Online Login Requirments

The CAGD e-pay slip portal is not easy to access if you do not have the required information. To log in to the CAGD payslip system you need some accurate and personal payment information such as:

  • Login credentials Employee Number and Password.
  • A safe system and secure internet connection.
  • Official login page.

CAGD Payslip 2022

CAGD payslip 2022 is easy to access from their online system. Visit, it is an official Gog payroll system that was developed for online payment services.

STEP 1. Visit

CAGD Payslip 2022
CAGD Payslip 2022

STEP 2. The link above is the web address of the CAGD e-payslip login page. When you reach the page you can tap on the click here to continue button.

CAGD Payslip
CAGD Payslip

STEP 3. Enter your Employee Number and Password.

STEP 3. Enter the captcha code and click on LOGIN button to submit your login request.

STEP 4. If your credentials are verified, you will be granted to access your personal payment recode and documents.

CAGD Direct Login Page Click Here
Official Website

Reset CAGD Pay Slip System Login Password?

One of the common reasons users can not log in is due to them entering an incorrect password. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, you need to reset your password. Let’s know how to do that.

  • Go to the Login – E-pay Slip website.
CAGD ePayslip
CAGD ePayslip
  • Press the Click here to continue button.
  • Now the GOG staff payslip page will open.
CAGD Pay schedule
CAGD Pay schedule
cagd gog payslip
cagd gog payslip
  • Enter your Employee Number, Mobile Number, and the Captcha Code.
  • To proceed click on Submit option.
  • You will receive your password on your email address or mobile.

CAGD GOG Payslip Portal Online Registration

To register for GOG CAGD payslips, the e-Payslip online registration facility is available. This facility allows Ghana employees to set up their personal accounts with the platform, only when they can produce their Employee Number, Registration Code, Email Address, and Mobile Number.

Let me guide you, how the GOG staff have to register at the official website:

  • Visit
  • Upon reaching the homepage tap on the Register for E-PaySlip option.
  • Now the e-Payslip Online Register page will open, fill it carefully with all required details.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now, you can just follow the instructions provided on the new web page.
  • A confirmation email or SMS will be sent once your registration is complete.


  • Western Region: 03120 46007.
  • Eastern Region: 030420 22571.
  • Northern Region: 03720 22604.
  • Central Region: 03321 32551
  • Ashanti Region: 03220 22903.
  • Volta Region: 03620 26271.
  • Greater Accra Region: 0302 228721.

More Helps


Information in this article is based on the CAGD payroll system. Here you will find how the GOG staff access their payslips and other pay documents online. Readers should have no issue sticking with the instructions that have been rendered in this article for different procedures.


How can I recover my Employee Number to access CAGD payslips?

If you have forgotten your employee number then look on your oldest payslips may your employee number will be mentioned on your salary slip. If not then contact the helpdesk.

How do I download CAGD Payslip Mobile App?

GOG employees are authorized to download the CAGD Gog payslip mobile app on their personal mobile phone from, Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store ( iOS).

What is the CAGD e-payslip online Registration Code?

The CAGD payslip registration code is necessary for new e-payslip online registration. You can get the code through the CAGD payslip support center for your respective region.

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